Science Lab

The science labs in our campus provide the perfect ambiance for brains to collide. The resultant fission of ideas serves to inculcate a scientific temper and a quest to excel. The Physics, Biology and Chemistry labs provide ample scope to the children of the middle school to experiment and boost their spirit of inquiry.

Amrita has got a Composite Science Lab to enable the practical knowledge of children by doing Experiments. Children get equal opportunity for developing their scientific skills and interests by following the principle of learning by doing.

                                 “SCIENCE IS MAGIC THAT WORKS.”

All the labs in Amrita are spacious, well equipped and following high standards of safety.

  • Physics Laboratory
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Biology Laboratory
  • Composite Laboratory

Math Lab

Maths Lab is a place where learning becomes fun. Mathematics is no more about abstract concepts. Children need to visualize, feel and experience Maths.

It offers Multiple Teaching and Learning Aids as well as a complete theme based ambience which helps Children to visualize and feel mathematics.

Learning aids comprise of

  • Technology Applications,
  • Videos, Manipulative,
  • Measuring Instruments,
  • Tables, Charts etc.

Based on the three pillars of ‘Imagination, Investigation and Interaction’, it provides an opportunity to children to understand, internalize, discover and verify the basic mathematical and geometrical concepts through concrete objects and situations.

The laboratory also encourages the Children to think, discuss amongst themselves as well as with the teacher and assimilate concepts.